Cenergy Engineering offers a wide range of consulting services. We pride ourselves on having a well rounded knowledge and experience base to provide our clients with the highest level of service. With our help your project will be completed safely, efficiently and at a cost thats hard to beat.

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Cenergy Engineering:

  • Drilling Engineering
  • Wellsite Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • Product Design and Testing
  • Waste Management
  • Solids Control
  • Expert Witness
  • Best Damn Engineering Anywhere!

Drilling Engineering

Cenergy Engineering offers drilling engineering services that cover the full spectrum of the drilling operation. From the early stages of well planning to operations oversight, your drilling project will be managed by individuals with years of experience. Consulting engineers can work from a remote office, your office or on location depending on your needs and budget.

Wellsite Management

Working with Cenergy, you can secure some of the most experienced and knowledgable drilling consultants in the industry. We have a strategic alliance with Averitt Consulting Services. ACS Consultants have been tested on thier knowledge and decision making skills. Each consultant has completed the Averitt Drilling Consultant Exam hosted by


Waste Management and Solids Control

Waste management is a hot topic these days. Today operators must be mindful of oil, heavy metal and chloride content of the waste they are generating on location. After determining the constituents of the waste product, you must then determine the safest, least expensive and most environmentally resposible method to dispose of the waste products.

Solids control is often an area of the drilling operation that is overlooked. There are many misconceptions surrounding solids control equipment and how to operate it. Without the proper methods in place, your solids control equipment could be hindering your drilling fluid more than it is helping. The primary goal of solids control is to maintain mud properties. Cenergy has been working with Cutpoint for a number of years to improve the operation and efficiency of solids control operations. We can reduce your costs!